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What is the full set of nail tools

What is the full set of nail tools

A full set of nail tools includes a nail table, a nail chair, a nail lamp, and a nail machine.

What is the full set of nail tools

Nail art tools are instruments used to provide nail art. With the development of the nail art industry, nail art tools are becoming more and more professional, and there are more and more consumables including: nail polish series, UV Nail series, Acrylic Nail series, jewelry series, painted series , Nail art pen and other hardware including: nail station, nail chair, nail lamp, nail machine and so on.

Manicure tools are not disposable and must be disinfected before each use. Therefore, the size of the tools should be suitable for putting them in the disinfectant container.

What is the full set of nail tools

Manicure essential supplies

Base oil: transparent or milky white, use it before applying nail polish to enhance the adhesion of nail polish.

Nail polish: contains dark pigments, choose according to your needs.

Softening cream: usually contains glycerin base, can remove the aging stratum corneum, keep the skin moisturized, used for massage and dry hand care.

Bleaching agent: contains hydrogen peroxide or citric acid, used to remove stains on crystal nails.

Nail polish thinner: Used to dilute thicker nail polish, do not use nail polish remover instead.

Nail Essence: It can make natural nails stronger, and can replace base oil in foot care.

Nail polish: Used to soften the skin around the nails, help remove cracked natural nails and polish crystal nails.

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