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Which is more harmless and good quality on the Japanese gel polish brand list

best japanese gel brand

Makeup has always been the leading fashion trend in Japan and South Korea, so it is better to buy gel polish to see which one is more harmless and good quality on the list of Japanese gel polish brands. Safe and easy-to-use gel polish can make the nail experience better Business will also be better.

So do you know which one on the Japanese gel polish brand list is better? Take a look at these:

Japanese gel polish brand one, cicinana double glue

Reference price: $ 624 / full function gel + Base Coat + Colors Gel

japanese gel nail polish brands

Product advantages:

The Japanese brand gel polish is regarded as the representative of the latest technology and the latest series. The price of a full set of more than 600 US dollars is relatively high-end, and this gel polish is different from ordinary products, but uses the latest patented dual gel design. A bottle of two-color opened the era of diverse use of gel polish. The first half is gel polish from Japan and the second half is gel from Japan. This makes nail art more fashionable and fun.

Japanese gel polish brand 2. Canned gel polish

Reference price: $ 640 full set of 68 colors + a set of color plates

best japanese gel nail polish brands

Product advantages:

Japanese My Neighbor Totoro gel polish is also relatively well-known locally. It is a removable gel polish product. The content of each small can is 5g. This set can be used for a long time and has a complete color number. It is easier to attract manicurists to do high-end Nail beauty is one of the most popular on the gel polish brand list in Japan.

Japan gel polish brand III, Yousi · tea gel polish set

Reference price: $ 610 / a full set of 128 Japanese colors

japanese nail polish brands

Product advantages:

The opaque brick red gel polish bottle can not only prevent light from gelling through the bottle, but also make gel polish look taller. A full set of 128 popular Japanese nail colors can meet the nail color needs of most beauty seekers. And, this gel polish raw material is natural and healthy without adding, which can ensure the harmlessness and good use of nails.

Japan gel polish brand IV, Ibrahimovic gel polish

Reference price: $ 475 / full set of 120 colors + original swatch + functional glue 6

japanese gel polish brand

Product advantages:

A complete set of gel polish sets with original color plates and 6 bottles of functional glue is completely enough for a medium-sized nail shop to use as high-end town shop gel polish, and the entire 120-color color selection can always find your favorite Nail colors. And this gel polish is not expensive because of its many colors, but its gel polish color and texture are much larger than ordinary nail polishes.

Japanese gel polish brand five cents ni gel polish

Reference price: $ 376 / full set of 90 colors + function gel + swatch

best japanese gel brand

Product advantages:

Although the gel polish is on the list of Japanese gel polish brands, there are not many 90 colors because of its color number, and the information and gel polish colors that can be found are relatively limited, so its credibility or ease of use are both To be evaluated, but according to its existing gel polish product pictures and color cards, it should be good, so it can be understood by giving a place on the ranking here.

The above is the answer and analysis of the Japanese gel polish brand list items. These brands of gel polish still need to try it themselves before deciding whether to buy a full set. After all, the price of each set is a few hundred dollars, which is comparable to other nail options. It’s too expensive. Once you make a wrong choice or it’s not suitable, it will look very strange after the nail, and it is not easy to open sales for the nail shop.

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