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Which nail polish shop gel polish brands are good to use

First, aosiwig nail shop gel polish phototherapy machine set

Reference price: 113 USD / set

Product series: KT508 lamp + 120 bottles of gel polish


The gel polish used is a removable gel polish for ladies’ pavilions. It also includes basic nail care tools, nail creation practice tools, and sequins, glitter, stickers, various diamond jewelry, and gold and silver threads required for nail accessories. The complete set of gel polish covers most of the color choices, pink series, purple series, red series, green series, brown series, blue series, gray series, candy color series, etc. Colorful nail polishes can be freely chosen to give beauty The richest choice of colors.

Second, beauty tide gel polish

Reference price: $ 2.40 per bottle

Product series: 144 color series optional


Gel polish is a general product. There are a total of 144 colors to choose from, including solid and flash colors. It is suitable for wholesale use in nail shops. The expressive and infectious power of gel polish conveys a colorful mood. It can last for 30 days after the light does not fade. You can apply it with just one stroke, saving time and effort for your nail art shop, and it is favored by lovers.

Third, cloud drill bean paste series nail polish

Reference price: $ 15.7 / set

Product series: 6 red bean paste + nail mold


Bean paste color is the most popular color this year. It is a color between brown and dark red. It can be pink, red, or brown. Although it is more difficult to define, whoever makes it, whether it is clothes or Nail art is pretty, so this gel polish color is a must-have for nail shops. This set of red bean paste gel polish launched by Yun Diamond is very suitable for use in nail shops. The raw materials are mainly acrylic, photoinitiator, colorant, resin base, etc., covering various shades of red bean paste, simple and stylish, Elegance and soft whitening are its advantages. The combination of solid colors and patterns can satisfy the beauty.

Fourth, please see the finger gel set

Reference price: 1.5 USD / bottle

Product series: 72 color series


Both nail polish and gel polish now focus on non-toxic, odorless, environmentally-friendly and healthy. This special series of nail polish for nail salons is made of natural resin. It is fast-drying and firm, does not shrink and does not flow, and it is healthy, tasteless and color. Full, normal nail operations can last for more than 35 days. The colors are relatively positive. It is good to make pure nails, and it is also good to match other colors.

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