Glitter Powder Supplier Hot Sale Glitter Powder Nail Dipping Powder Acrylic Powder 1kg




Glitter Powder Supplier  Nail Dipping Powder Acrylic Powder 1kg

1. Product name: Glitter Powder in kilograms;
2. Product specifications: 1kg single PE ziplock bag;
3. Product weight: 1000g, 30kg/box;
4. Product use: Dip powder needs to be used in conjunction with Acrylic liquid. There is an odor when using it. Please keep indoor ventilation.

Glitter powder is precisely cut from electroplated materials with high precision and brightness. The materials are PVC, PET, OPP, and aluminum. The size of glitter powder can be produced from 0.002-6.0 mm.
The shapes of glitter powder are quadrangular, rectangular, rhombic, hexagonal and so on. The colors are gold, silver, seven colors, magic colors, colors, pearl colors, lasers, etc. to choose from. Each color system is equipped with a surface protective layer, which has bright colors and has a certain resistance and temperature resistance to mildly corrosive chemicals of climate or temperature.

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Colored Acrylic Nail Powder


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1 kg bag


ST01, ST02, ST03, ST04, ST05, ST06, ST07, ST08, ST09, ST10, ST11, ST12, More Detailed Add Whatapp: 008615822532116


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